Key’s Type

PHONEKEY provide two types of mobile key, one is established directly between phone and lock; the other is sent by user via cloud service center.

Offline Key

  1. Use Master Code to establish the key.
  2. It is point to point process, which does not require any Internet connection.
  3. The device must be a mobile phone.

Remember your Master Code

The Master Code has full authority to your locks, including every settings. If you want the mobile phone to remember your Master Code, you can choose whether this mobile phone memorize the master password to the phone. If you choose remember the Master Code on your mobile phone, you have to avoid the mobile phone being stolen. Or you can set up a screen lock to prevent it.


The Offline Key’s duration and usage times can be Limited.

Download the Key

  1. Internet connection required
  2. It can set up duration and usage times limitation.
  3. The users can dwonload the key via password, or just login their account to download the key.
  4. The users must select correct Share Key Location to download the key.

Create Share Keys

Everyone can use the Master Code, and then log in their account, to activate Share Key Locations under their account.

  1. The Share Key can use totally offline.
  2. If other account has activate Share Key Locations, the one who has the Master Code can deactivate the Location and re-activate it, therefore, the Location will belong to the last one who activate it.
  3. If some one deactivate the Share Key Location, the user who is using the location will not be available to use the Share Key. Notifications:
  4. First time to use the Share Key Location, the user has to connect to the lock and internet.
  5. The Share Keys can be shared by either account or password.
  6. The key can set limitation either duration or times.