Hotel Lock Management Solution

  1. Smartphone has been popularized around the word, hotels can use smartphones to interact with its customers instantly, this solution can improve the service in terms of efficiency.
  2. Customers won’t download hotel’s app without reasons, unless the app can use a mobile phone as a key to replace a traditional door key, and therefore customers would have enough incentive motivation to download the app.
  3. Not every customer has a smartphone(NFC/Bluetooth 4.0), that’s why we still keep RFID room card for door pass, therefore we have initialized Dual Mode Hotel Lock solution project.


  1. Internet connection is not neccessary:The current technology still could not keep the internet be always connectable. To assure the lock could be unlocked in any conditions, thus we have schemed that it does not need an internet connection when unlocking by tenants’ phone key.
  2. RFID card mode: Room card doesn’t need an internet connection when configuring and unlocking either.
  3. Phone mode: The phone has to be internet connected when tenants check in the hotel to gain the key combination. It won’t be internet connected for unlocking thereafter. If the phone could not connect to the internet, we still could use RFID card mode for replacement.
  4. Door battery consumption: The door lock do not need to connect the internet, thus battery consumption is very low. Dry batteries are able to meet the demand, it would be convenient for battery replacement and saving the cost.


Phone mode safety statement

  1. Multi-layer variable encryption: The downloaded room “key” won’t contains the original secret “key” information which is stored in the door lock, we won’t be worried about the “key” would be cracked and cause the permanent destruction.
  2. Dual key combination design: One of the keys is a variable key, which is changed every time after unlocking the door, therefore we won’t be worried about the key would be captured.
  3. The downloaded room “key” is tied to guest’s phone closely, it won’t be activated when the “key” is copied into others phone.
  4. Every downloaded “key” have their time limitation, it won’t be activated once expired.


Statement of Staff’s Authority

1.Based on the management demand and responsibility of guest’s privacy:
※Staff use staff’s app to unlock any door has to be connected with the internet, and record the operation data at the mean time.
※To respect guest’s privacy, guest use guest’s app doesn’t need to connect the internet and neither transfer the operation data to the server.

2.Access authority of indoor safe
※Guest’s app can open the safe in the same room.
※Staff’s app couldn’t open safe, it can apply “card” to open on the desk if necessary.

3.The staff can do time and attendance via the app, and obtaining the authority at the same time.
(1).The authority can be deactivated when the staff goes off duty, and regain the authority after sign in on next day.
(2).Hotel management system can assign the authority duty of which door could be opened via staff(Vault/Safe…etc), and staff’s app will download the keys automatically(no quantity limitation) after sign in attendance.

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