Personal / Enterprise Management Services

Online Key is free for personal use: The owner can determine whether to turn on the online key, which allows 5 free online Keys for a lock. Users can retrieve the keys through the internet at any time.

Enterprise system integration service: Enterprise user who purchases multiple PHONEKEY locks can submit for free Enterprise Management Service, aka E.M.S..

  1. Apply online
  2. Once granted, the enterprise user will acquire the following service:
  • E.M.S. System Integration Document
  • Enterprise can download PHONEKEY EMS server installer and mobile phone app SDK.
  • System integration troubleshooting.

EMS benefits:

  • Global centralized key distribution.
  • Integrating with ERP system.
  • The key types can be divided in two, the offline key with limited duration, or one-time online key.
  • One-time online key can record every operation history.

The security and the internet connectivity of E.M.S. should be handled by the owners themselves.

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