UserStar Information System Co., LTD was founded in 1995, we consider user as the core, the user will be placed on top consideration, UserStar, the user is our star. We deep cultivation in developing software service, specializing in analysis system planning, system integration, hardware and software integration of the production side and many other services. The projects we take are always achieve their goals with high satisfaction.

“USERSTAR” means “USER is our STAR”!

The prevalence of global trade, followed by the flow of counterfeit goods manufactures from worldwide counterfeiter, which is eroding the profit of genuine manufacturer.

UserStar developed Global Anti-Counterfeiting Service, which is the only one and best solution to meet the requests: normal consumers can verify immediately and verification device won’t be counterfeited. UserStar Global Anti-Counterfeiting Service received more than 20 countries’ patents, and we also obtain the research reward from the SBIR project of Ministry of Economic Affairs. This solution would benefit consumers around the world, counterfeit goods can no longer deceive consumers. At the same time, it can bind with corporate identity system (CIS) and IoT networking marketing tools, consumers can read the NFC anti-counterfeiting label to gain the product information, such as origin, traceability, warranty, manufacturering and expiration date, promotional activities, and more.

With the advent of Internet of Things (IoT), PHONEKEY intelligent lock system integrates cloud service and crosscutting applications, from home to office, from door lock, vehicle to office cabinet, all the lock can use PHONEKEY app for operation. The popularity of smart phones brings us a concept about using mobile phone as the key, therefore, we can integrate hardware, mobile phone and cloud service to be interactive operation, that is what we call Internet of Things.


From 1995 to 1999, our major product is software package, our representative product: Early Childhood Education Administration System, including client/server architecture. Our major tool: Sybase SQL Anywhere. Our client nearly 500, once the top brand in Taiwan. There are more than kindergartens still using this system.

From 2000 to 2015, a total of more than 15 years, we develop web IT service, our representative product: Petroleum Price Information Management and Analysis System, including operational mechanism planning, system building, check the oil price and report, and website maintenance.

From 2003 to 2010, we develop the production side integration system, our representative product: Taiwan Charoen Pkphand Cutting, Weighting and Stock Management System, integrating electronic scale, barcode device, workable under the harsh and wet environment, wirelessly transmit data, its simple and user friendly interface affinity even the elderly or foreign worker can operate. Each product corresponds to a single bar code, which can be used in the production, storage and shipping controls, it is very close to future applications of RFID integrated production line.

From 2004 to date, the Business Process Management is our core business, our representative product: Gold, Health Trading and Accountant Integration System for Central Trust Trade Office. In a convenient web service platform, the transactions of gold and health care product process via workflow engine automatically, greatly improving operational efficiency.

According to the popularity of upcoming NFC phones in 2010, it will drive the consumer to verify the product’s authenticity on their own mobile phone. So we flow in developing special anti-counterfeiting IC chip and related platform building, we initially completed in 2012, and began promoting our product to market. And gradually developed a variety of anti-counterfeiting labels and the intelligent lock which is applied with anti-counterfeiting chip.

In 2012, we participate the Best Choice Award sponsored by Taipei Computer Association and TAITRA, and we obtain Special Jury Prize for RFID Security Document.
In 2013, we participated Start-Up Taiwan Accelerator program and obtain Bred Pioneer award and won a trophy. In response to business needs, we founded UserStar IOT Technology (Shenzhen) Co., LTD in Shenzhen, China. And gradually open up the Chinese market.

In 2014, The Anhui Construction Department of Housing and Urban Construction announced that the Construction Quality Inspection System adopt our NFC lock, the quality control box presented PHONEKEY upon it.

In 2014, we participated the SME Quality Management Upgrafe Programe, by the cooperation with the China Productivity Center and Fortune Brewery International Co., LTD, we submitted the “Bottle Cap Seal Security Industry Chain” project and earn the interview with RFID Journal, who publish an article “New NFC Solution Prevents Counterfeit Liquor in Taiwan” on September 1, 2014

In 2014, we speed up the development of the intelligent lock, from NFC intelligent lock to Bluetooth intelligent lock, and achieve the goal: one mobile phone controls many locks, it opens up the PHONEKEY platform.

In 2015, we participated Taiwan Cloud Computing Association Accelerator Project “A big company leads a small team to challenge cloud IoT era together”, in this project we was led by FIH Mobile Limited, to promoted our Bluetooth Smart Lock Platform Solution, and we won the Excellence award in the project.

In 2016, we participated Taipei Invention Show & Technomart, Online transaction method and system having mechanism of verifying the merchandise authentication, Gold Medal Award.

In 2016, we participated APICTA AWARDS Taipei security category, Smart Lock and Service Platform Application Solution with PhoneKey Technique, Merit Award.

In 2018, we participated TAIWAN INNOTECH EXPO, Wireless Authentication System And Wireless Authentication Method, Gold Medal Award.