PHONEKEY Inside Partner Program

We are sincerely welcome  lock industry companies to become our partners, we can provide PCBs and configuration guarantee cards, upgrade your products into the Bluetooth intelligent lock. And we also provide products for the furniture industry, exhibition design house, garage roller shutter industry. etc, who is demanding  lock components or parts, including a filing cabinet, locker, showcase, roller shutter controller. And we accept customized design request.

PHONEKEY is an integration, cloud service which can provide interdisciplinary applications through a residential area, transportation and office, all the locks in our life can be controlled by PHONEKEY. The intelligent lock with excellent safety PHONEKEY infrastructure is designed for privacy protection, it does not need the internet connection from mobile key setting, lock, unlock to master code reconfiguration. It is simple and easy on mobile key management, including ingenuity, clear user experience. The lock which integrates PHONEKEY has flexible automation command set, which makes multiple way to communicate with lock and other devices. Rich and powerful scalability, that is PHONEKEY.

It does not need internet when key making, lock, unlock and master code reconfiguration

PHONEKEY communicates with lock directly, you don’t need to worry about internet disconnection or cloud service offline. The mastership of lock is in your hand. You can decide whether you want to start a variety of cloud service, such as mobile key sharing or master code cloud backup.

Exclusive product reconfiguration guarantee card

The guarantee card ship with products, it is used in first time activation to pair a card and a lock. After pairing, the card will be the only one backdoor of the lock.  When you forget the master code, you can use the guarantee card to reconfigure the master code. The card has a built-in PHONEKEY RFID chip, the mobile phone app can choose whether to scan a barcode or read the chip with NFC enable mobile phone during first time activation.

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Impregnable Security

Protecting your mobile key from clone, intercept, abuse and malicious uses at all levels. By using PHONEKEY active variable encryption patent, each time the data transfer will be randomly encrypted, makes the wireless transmission much more security.

Seamless consistence operating experience

Through the residential area, transportations to offices; from doors, garages, bicycles, entrances, filing cabinets, showcases, safe boxes, parking lots, elevators, rental vehicles and rental apartments, all the application can be integrated in one PHONEKEY.

Fast and stable on wireless transmission

Applying and adopting wireless technology as Bluetooth 4.0 and NFC in mobile phone, making numerous possibilities through communication on phones to devices or devices to devices.

Security Patrol Service Integration Mechanism

Partial PHONEKEY lock devices have integrated Security Patrol Service feature, allowing the cooperate security service firm can easily reach Keyless goals. Security service personnel do not need to carry a bunch of keys on a patrol mission, just one authorized PHONEKEY security service app can open client’s door. Security service personnel have to verify the ID before unlock the door, non-authorized personnel cannot retrieve any key, and the lock will record the relevant information simultaneously. The key for security service personnel will be limited for one time usage and also has an expiration date, it won’t be able to use the key repeatedly or transfer to others..

Rental Service

The motor vehicle used PHONEKEY has provided rental service support. The motor vehicle does not need any modification, the rental company can use the PHONEKEY certified rental system to build up keys for renter’s mobile phone. The renter can use their personal PHONEKEY app for operation. Rental keys can be set up the number of usage and end date.

Network intelligent lock management

All PHONEKEY locks can support network management to connect the lock and employees. The lock does not need any modification, the manager can just use PHONEKEY to operate the remote management easily. The employees can do check up in with specific App, which connects to their headquarter via internet, and can also download the mobile keys which only valid for duty duration. The employees can use their PHONEKEY app for operation, and headquarter system can record the operation simultaneously. The key is only available on duty, it won’t be valid if the key has transferred to other employees, so there are no shift handover issues on mobile keys.

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