Bluetooth Intelligent Lock

UserStar use internet of things technology to connect the lock with your mobile phone, by Bluetooth or NFC. We are welcome to any customized design.

We are also welcome cross-industries cooperation, not only increase remote unlock function, but also cloud service and schedule integration, which make the product smarter!

Using the mobile phone as a key, our life becomes more convenient


Electric retractable door is an entrance gate which can be opened and closed via an electric powered mechanism, they usually appear at factory entrance, to do access control. Once we use the mobile phone as remote controller, the manager does not need to wait for guards to open the gate, they can use their own mobile phone to do unlock.


Garage doors, roller shutters and electric gates, which are using electric motors, these machine can use mobile phone as a controller, the company can distribute keys to its staffs, or to share a temporary keys to friends.


Office cabinet is the important role in OA system. Once the cabinet locked, all the drawers will be locked too. When it uses mobile phone as a key, we don’t need to find where the key is when we forgot. The users can share keys to their agent when they go to business.


Locker usually appear at hospital, mall, school, mass transportation center and office, the major function is to keep personal belongings. Once we use mobile phone as key, we can just carry our own mobile phone to unlock our locker.


The showcase usually appear in department store and exhibition. When we use a mobile phone as a key, the staff will gain the key automatically when they are working, and expired when they get off work.


Safe box usually appears in the hotel and private residential. The user can use a high security password to protect their precious property.


When we use a mobile phone as a motorcycle’s key, we don’t need to worry if we pull out the key or not. Because we have get used to carry mobile phone.