Build an Offline Key

How to add an offline Key

The activated lock can use master code to establish the Owner Key directly.

1.Click the gray object

The Phonekey app will search for surrounding connectable locks and display in the gray object. THU means the Bluetooth cabinet lock, every object has three letters to identify.

2. Select Offline Key

3. Enter Master Code

If the user type the master code incorrect for 3 times, the lock will suspend for 15 minutes.

You can choose whether memorize the master code in current mobile phone or not, then your mobile phone will not need to input master code to enter setting page. You can change this setting in lock setting page.

If the memorized mobile phone is stolen by someone else, they will be able to change the lock setting, we recommend you to setup screen lock.

4. Setup Limitation

The Offline Key’s duration and usage times can be Limited.

5. Setting key holder name

By default, the key holder’s name is your mobile phone’s IMEI code. This name will be stored in your lock, it is recommended to revise the name for easy memorization. This will help you to know who was operating the lock when viewing history records.

If user has log in account, it will fill the account ID automatically

6. Setting the lock name

The default lock name is the manufacturer category code, we recommend that you should revise the name for easy recognition.

7. Pairing lock success