Create Share Keys

After the lock was activated and the offline key was established, the administrator can enable “offline key” (up to 10 keys) or “online key” when signing in the APP and in connected with the internet and the lock.‌

  • If the manager A has enabled a certain offline key, the manager B may disable the key and then re-enable the key, and the share right of key will be assigned to the manager B.
  • If the administrator closes a certain offline key, the key will be cleared and cannot be used anymore.
  • If the administrator changes the online key status from ACTIVATE to Close, all online keys will be cleared and cannot be used anymore.

1. Enter Setting of the lock

Look for the lock item from the Device list, swipe left and enter Setting of the lock (gear icon).‌

2. Enable share key

Choose to enable the offline key or online key.‌

  • Each offline key can only be used by one user.
  • Click the offline key to modify the device key name.
  • Only the enabled offline keys will display in the shared key list.