Create Share Keys

How to create a Share Key

Everyone can use the Master Code, and then log in their account, to activate Share Key Locations under their account.

  1. The Share Key can use totally offline.
  2. If other account has activate Share Key Locations, the one who has the Master Code can deactivate the Location and re-activate it, therefore, the Location will belong to the last one who activate it.
  3. If some one deactivate the Share Key Location, the user who is using the location will not be available to use the Share Key.


  1. First time to use the Share Key Location, the user has to connect to the lock and internet.
  2. The Share Keys can be shared by either account or password.
  3. The key can set limitation either duration or times.

1. Initiate Create Share Key

Go to individual setting page, select Create Share Key, and enter the Master Code.

2. Activate Share Key Locations

The app has to connect to the lock and internet, and also login the user account, then the Share Key can be upload smoothly.

  1. A Location can only be used by one account.
  2. Those deactivate locations will not show in Share Key Management.
  3. You can modify the name to become memos.