Share Keys to Others

How to share a Share Key

To use Phonekey cloud service management to manage the Share Key.

1. There are two ways to enter Share Key Management

First of all, you have to login the account.
Please remember that you don’t have to connect the lock when you want to do the Share Key Management.

  • Go to individual lock setting and select Share Key Management

  • Click the side bar menu and select Share Key Management

2. Share Key Management

Select a Not Shared location

3. Select a method to share

There are two methods to share the key


If the guest has a exist PhoneKey account, you can share the key to guest’s ID account.

To Password

If the guest do not have a PhoneKey account, you can send the Share Code to the guest


  1. The guest has to connect the lock and internet to download the key
  2. Once the key has been downloaded, the guest will not need the internet anymore.
  3. The owner can see if the guest’s key is downloaded or not.
  4. If the guest has download the key, and owner want to delete the guest’s key, the owner has to deactivate the location with the lock.
  5. The owner can reset the Share Key and share the key to another one, this will cause the previous key being overwrited.
  6. If the key still not be download, the owner can revoke the Share Key.

5. Add/Delete a contact

You can establish a contact list to quick access

If you want to delete a contact, you can long press the target contact’s ID, and it will pop up a delete window.

6. Share the key


To Password

7. Key Sharing Status

  1. If the key change into Sharing, the key still can be revoked.
  2. If the key change into Shared, the key can only be reset. The reset does not mean you can delete the previoud shared key in the guest mobile phone, the reset means you can share to others and then you can let others to overwrite the key.