How to verify your spirits is true or not? Just tap your NFC mobile phone on it!

Fortune Brewery adopt RFID seal

Fortune Brewery had awarded by Monde Selection for international high quality trophy at 2010, because we achieved a high quality level for three consecutive years (Grand Gold Award, Gold Award). We are optimistic about the mainland China market and map out local channel strategy, our products is gradually stand firm on east China, at the mean time, we are also confronting the counterfeit alcohol problem in China.


We have survey local and China suppliers for anti-counterfeiting solution, they had provided barcode, laser printing, special design for bottle cap and ordinary RFID tags, and we had valued those solutions also have been adopted by other liquor brand in China, those solutions are easy to be copied and cracked, it does not solve the real counterfeit problem at all.
One day the China Productivity Center recommend us that there is a local supplier who has self-developed patent for RFID anti-counterfeiting solution, which can let consumers verify objects via their mobile phones, and also has recognition ability for unpacking detection, it does have a clear value-added effect in product marketing, thus we determined to adopt UserStar’s system.


New NFC Solution Prevents Counterfeit Liquor in Taiwan

UserStar has developed an NFC tag that transmits a unique encrypted verification code only once, via an NFC-enabled phone running a special app, and is then encoded with a new encrypted verification code, thereby preventing tag cloning.