Active Variable Authentication

Variable Code

Every time the code is different, you can copy of them, but all of them will be expired in minutes.
General NFC tags are relatively easy to replicate, so many laboratories had discovered reverse engineering techniques to extract data from passive NFC tags, which makes those tags vulnerable. To solve this problem, our company, UserStar, developed a variable method in order to avoid being replicated. We employed an active variable method that changes its encryption code every time other devices attempted to access the tags, which ensures the tag are unable to be replicated.

Unpacking Detection

You will know the bottle or package is not opened or not. Once you unpack it, you can still read information from tags. You can also trace the sources if provided.
If the bottle was unpacked, the pass page will indicates the change from sealed to opened.

Anyone Capable

You don’t need to send products back to the manufacturer, or find a professor or laboratory to examine it. You can do it with a simple tap.
How an ordinary people like us can recognize authenticity of goods from numerous fake goods? We are always counting on our luck or send the product back to genuine manufacturer for examination. If a product can be recognized by ourselves easily, we will not worry about what we bought is true or not. NFC is a promising wireless communication technology which has been adopted widely nowadays, especially on payment. We can build an ID on a product, and use NFC-enable phone to verify the product immediately.