Bluetooth logistic(cabinet) lock

Bluetooth Logistic(Cabinet) Lock

5VDC supply version2xAA battery version


For Home Parcel Box

The modern e-commerce allows us to order anything from different websites, but we are always on duty during the delivery time, we worry about there might be a thief may steal our parcel when the deliveryman place it in front of our doors.

Parcel Lock Solution provides a safety and convenient parcel storage method, which allows deliveryman to open the parcel box by entering a one-time password into the mobile phone, and notice the consigner that the parcel has delivered. We can open our parcel box when we come home through a paired mobile phone.

Commercial Logistic Locker

Commercial Logistic Locker Solution provides a self-service parcel delivery service, customers can select any Locker location as their delivery address, and retrieve their orders at that location by entering a unique pick-up code on the mobile phone.

Customers can also return the orders through the Locker, the delivery man will retrieve the order back to the warehouse for inspection.

operation manual

How it works

  1. At the lock-up situation, the lock shackle is stuck by the lock Tongue.
  2. When users touch the outside button, the Racket will hit the Fire Pin and awake the lock’s Bluetooth broadcasting.
  3. Once the mobile phone connects the lock and send unlock command, the lock’s Tongue will withdraw into the body, and it will let the shackle can be moved.
  4. After 6 seconds, the Tongue will restore to lock-up status.
  5. When users close the door, the shackle will be stuck by the Tongue again.

how it works



  • iOS and Android smart phone application controlled
  • Communication: Bluetooth 4.0 (Data Encrypted)
  • Housing Material: PA66+30%GF
  • Bolt Material: Zinc Alloy
  • Wall Thickness: < 2cm
  • Cylinder Diameter: 2cm
  • Input Voltage: 5V DC
  • Working Current: 1A
  • Stand by Current: N/A