Waterproof Bluetooth electronic lock for electrical cabinets and server cabinets

• No need of network to unlock, no risk of hacking attacks.
• Share key by network.
• The device password can be changed with the guarantee card and NFC mobile phone when forgetting the old one.
Encryption technology patent, the transmission code by Bluetooth cannot be copied and reused.

Operating Steps:
• Press the handle to wake up the lock.
• Unlock with the paired mobile phone and PHONEKEY app.
• After the electromagnet latch retracting, the handle will bounce and can open the door.
• The electromagnet latch will extend after 6 seconds retracting. Close the door and put the handle back to lock.

• Zinc alloy material, matte black finish
• Copper Finland Lock (disc tumbler lock), high security
• Size, 140*32*55 mm
• Panel cut out size, 27*135mm
• Applicable panel thickness, 1~6mm
• Suitable for left and right door installation
• Built-in spare CR2 lithium battery, external 5VDC power supply
• Bluetooth 4.0, iOS / Android APP
• IP55 rated
• Can be used with sensor to detect door status