Bluetooth Keyless System for Scooter

1. Bluetooth Keyless System for Scooter, including Bluetooth Control Module and RFID Antenna, suitable for shared, rental or remote management solutions.

2. With the most secure Bluetooth key activation mode, the owner has maximum authority to scan or read the Guarantee Card to activate the product, set up or reset the device password, and then use the device password to set up the following three types of keys: mobile phone APP (Bluetooth), 2-in-1 remote control (Bluetooth + NFC card), and NFC card.

3. Authorization offline, eliminating the threat of hacker intrusion. The communication between App and the lock is encrypted by AES algorithm and TRIVIUM cipher. The unlock key is random generated, it means each time the unlock key will be different.

Document Download: Bluetooth Keyless System for Scooter

attribution info: Background Vectors by Vecteezy, Lambretta Vectors by Vecteezy

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