Internet Transaction Fraud Prevention

  1. The sellers can verify their products while put them on shelves.
  2. Buyer can check the verification status before purchase.
  3. Moreover, buyer can ask seller to do authentication interactively online.

Three kinds of common online shopping scams techniques:

  1. Fictitious type:First, swindler apply an auction account with a fake data, and then to download pics from other brand sites, to posted pics on the shelves online, and find someone else to act as bidders, in order to get the trust of buyers. After your payment has wired, the goods will never arrive.
  2. Barter type:Swindler pretend he has some high-priced items to trade with lower-priced items, in fact, those items are counterfeit goods or unbearable. He will lie you that function is still available when exchange.
  3. Cheap type:Swindler guaranteed to be genuine the price is less than half the market price, and he will use credit endorsement and assessment mechanism, to win the trust of consumers. But the goods which send to website for rating are genuine, but consumer will only receive counterfeit goods.

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