Bluetooth Lock Features

No need to worry about internet security
You don’t have to worry the disconnection of internet, it just need a Bluetooth 4.0 mobile phone to do the offline pair and unlock operation. It does not need to log into any ID account, just use the master code to generate a key in your mobile phone. If you share keys to guests, they can only download the key at the first time to pair to unlock, and following unlock operation dose not need to connect to internet, pure point to point Bluetooth communication.
Share keys
By using PHONEKEY cloud service, you can share the keys to others, and the one who is assigned to download the key just need to connect to the ineternet once, the following unlock operation does not need internet anymore. The owner just apply an account and establishes keys to the cloud, in some days the owner need to share the keys, just open the authorization and share the download code.
NFC guarantee card
Some smart device has a reset button on the shell to reset every paired devices, and the one who presses the reset will be assigned as the new owner. Apparently, in this mechanism, any one can be the owner if they press the reset button. We use the exclusive patented “Activation Guarantee Card”, which can allow NFC enable mobile phone to read the authentication code to do a master code reset, the security and simplification is top of the world.

The owner has all the rights

Generally Bluetooth smart locks who must create an account online, assign permissions on the Internet, or pay for additional digital keys, and so on … Owner purchase a product but yet have whole authorities, and it does need to be controlled by some calls “internet service center”. It’s not only about the limited authorities, but if the “internet service center” terminated, the lock that may not be able to operate anymore.

Therefore, we believe it should have all the rights for lock owners:
1. It does not need to be connected with “PHONEKEY internet service center” for operation, the mobile phone can create keys and unlock offline.
2. Owner can use master PHONEKEY code to create unlimited keys without additional payment, and also be able to delete the keys.
3. “PHONEKEY internet service center” provides:
Master PHONEKEY code cloud backup
urgent remote key share..etc, and several seldom use function.

Privacy declaration

Some other Bluetooth smart door lock would like to collect users operation records and store this “Big Data” into their “internet service center”. If the record happen to leakage or someone collect this malicious for vicious purpose, such as a family’s lifestyle pattern.
Therefore, we adopt privacy protection as our major design guide, for example, it can be operated well offline, and the operation record only store in locks, owner can read the record if necessary.

Safety Instruction

In order to ensure the safety of users, PHONEKEY has consider convenience and security with following treatment:
1. The one who has Master Code can create or share keys, besides master PHONEKEY code, the owner can set up personal knowledge authentication mechanism to ensure the code won’t leak out.
2. All of the shared keys can be set duration and count.
3. Every time we proceed unlock operation, the authentication code will be changed each time, we won’t need to afraid of interception. The double authentication code is very hard to crack.
4. There is an anti-transfer mechanism of keys, once the key had transferred to another mobile phone, it will lose its authority for unlocking operation.
5. If users fear about mobile phone lost, we can add a personal password for individual locks(ex. Safe box), it means users have to input the correct personal password before the unlock operation.

Security Integration Mechanism

Partial PHONEKEY lock (ex. door, garage) has integrated Security Service feature, allowing cooperate Security Service firm can easily reach Keyless goals:
1.Security service personnel do not need to carry bunches of keys on a patrol mission, just one authorized PHONEKEY security service app can open the client’s door.
2.Security service personnel have to verify the ID before unlock the door, non-authorized(ex. Not in the duty) personnel cannot retrieve a key, and it will record the relevant information simultaneously.
3.The key for security service personnel will be limited to once and also has a deadline, it won’t be able to use the key repeatedly or transfer to others.

Rentals Support

The motor vehicle used PHONEKEY has provided rental service support:
1.The motor vehicle do not any modification, the rental company can use the PHONEKEY authorized rental system to build up keys for the tenant’s mobile phone.
2.The renter can use their casual PHONEKEY app for operation.
3.Rental keys can be set up the number of uses and deadline.

Advanced Management

All the PHONEKEY lock can support users’ advanced management to connect the lock and users. Following case is about a vitrine (show case) in a department store:
1.The show case lock do not any modification, the manager can just use PHONEKEY authorized management system to drive the remote management easily.
2.The department store staff can do clock in with specific App, by connecting to their remote global headquarter via internet, and can also download the cabinet keys which only valid on duty in their own mobile phone.
3.The staff can use their casual PHONEKEY app for operation, and headquarter system can record the data simultaneously.
4.The key is only available on duty, it won’t be valid if the key has transferred.
5.The standard of process of covering works is completely equal, there is no shift handover issues on keys.
6.PHONEKEY has high security, it won’t be able to steal success unless the thief destroy the lock. there are no shift handover issues on keys.

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