Smart Access Control Technology

The Third Party Logistic (AKA. TPL) uses electronic lead seal, e-Seal for one time protection mechanism, such as “cargo container” lock. The keys of container are not easy to manage but easy to be copied, if the management system can adopt NFC-enable mobile phone as key of RFID intelligent lock, which will be much more efficient to manage the keys’ authorization, keeping keys away from embezzlement.

PhoneKey RFID intelligent lock management can be divided into offline and online mode, both modes are optional for a RFID intelligent lock. Key of online mode RFID intelligent lock is stored at internet service center, when user unlock a door with their NFC-enable mobile phone, which will be directed to internet service center to retrieve the key for unlock. The key won’t store on mobile phone, and plus ID identification, it will avoid unauthorized user to do invalid unlock(access). Via the internet cloud service application, the verification page can be a platform of information integration, for additional service ranging from brand protection, after service, marketing, promotions, to stolen assistance.

I. TPL logistic lock and RFID intelligent lock

As per field of logistic industry, the traditional key control management is gradually decline, because of factors about delivery distance, delivery duration, transportation, international transaction and growth of logistic organization. If the company outsourcing their logistic to third party logistic(TPL), it will need to achieve cargo security and accountability between cargo host, organization and deliverer. To ensure the cargo won’t be opened except consignee, we can use protection mechanism such as electronic seal, e-Seal to protect cargo, the feature is one time use only.
About container security, most of them are using padlock and key, which can be operated repeatedly. But the keys are not easy to management and easy to be copied, the only way to protect container would be RFID intelligent lock which has high security factor and only be able to open under authorized situation.

II. PHONEKEY RFID Intelligent Lock Management

Product Statement

The locks’ PCB use UserStar’s RFID anti-counterfeiting chip(KIC3305), which can use NFC-enable mobile phone to operate lock switch via PhoneKey app. For example, the intelligent lock can be divided into offline and online mode as below statements:

Offline Mode:
By using the provided “PhoneKey Password” along with a product, user can setup personal password in PhoneKey App on a NFC-enable phone, and tap the phone at antenna sense area on an intelligent lock, when the setting had once complete, the mobile phone is able to unlock.

The lock is same to offline mode, the difference is that the unlock authorization is distributed by system administrator, and the mobile phone must connect to internet when operation. The “PhoneKey Password” is stored in internet service center, by using the authorized mobile phone and ID account which has already log in app, the door thereafter can be open by mobile phone. The workflow abstract as below:

Create New Account:
By Providing International Mobile Equipment Identity number( IMEI), account ID, password, name and phone number

Unlock Workflow:
By using authorized mobile phone, be connected with internet, to activate PhoneKey app and login into ID account, user now can use LOCK/UNLOCK button and tap mobile phone upon antenna sense area to do operation, meanwhile, the phone will retrieve the one time only KEY from internet service center to do comparison, after the operation, the service center will update the unlock key automatically.

Product Authentication and Information Platform

The lock contains UID(unique ID) code at RFID anti-counterfeiting chip, by using NFC-enable phone to search app, named as PhoneKey, on Google Play to download, after installation, user can tap the mobile phone on antenna sense area to verify the genuine of lock. It will display a Verification Page thereafter the verification, this page is an integration platform of information, in addition to inquire the information of lock, it can access more related information via HTTP link, ex. information of maintenance staff. Beside, it can also provide additional service ranging from brand protection, after service, marketing, promotions, to stolen assistance, significantly increase to the lock add-value.

III. Advantage of Intelligent Lock on Cloud Service Integration

1.By using authorized mobile phone can retrieve the “PhoneKey Password” and operation data via ID account and Q/A challenge, it can avoid the ID fraud.

2.Instantaneously retrieving, the data won’t be stored in mobile phone, the front line person can not access the relative data, significantly increase the security.

3.Maintenance Management Center record data immediately.

4.By using lock’s UID to distinguish the lock type, to provide maintenance staff guidance in time.

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