How to Spot Fake Handbag via NFC-enable mobile phone

UserStar love to share that how to spot a fake handbag with mobile phone. We are a established mobile phone anti-counterfeiting solution with impeccable record of efficient system integration experience for 20 years. Our anti-counterfeiting solution always follow the industry standards of wireless communication, safety and advance mobile phone technology.

The problem

Counterfeit products circulate around the world and erode the profits of producers and even consumers, the people who want to buy an authentic handbag, but sometimes they would be misled or confused when they face counterfeit handbags, which are located in unauthorized stores including website selling handbag all over the world.

In the other hand, the stolen goods such as wallet and purse, which may also flow in black market or flea market, if one people purchase stolen goods, it will harm the original owner and manufacturer directly.

The solution

Integrating your product with RFID -NFC anti-counterfeiting chip may be one of your smartest decisions. Not only does providing reliable, instant authentication solution via mobile phone, it also takes away consumers’ worries of confusion and misleading. Engaging a RFID-NFC anti-counterfeiting solution will provide consumer a best application to IoT (Internet of Things) as well as connecting consumers and company together through internet. Online lost claim is another vital aspect of IoT that a true owner will has privilege to register its property in case of stolen or lost. A reliable anti-counterfeiting solution maintain products’ value and even bring more by various applications.