RFID Anti-Counterfeiting Solutions For Counterfeit Drugs

Recently, India government unveiled the whistleblowers reward scheme for fake drugs, medical devices and cosmetics, the reward of maximum of upto 20% of the total cost of consignments seized will be payable to the informer.

The country’s hold on international pharmaceutical market, especially the status enjoyed by it in providing high quality drugs on cheapest prices invited some unhealthy competition from various quarters. Internationally, the vested interests are supplying spurious medicines manufactured by them but with Made in India label. The ministry writes in a nine-page memo.
Of course, counterfeit medicines are a global problem and the U.S. pharmaceutical industry is equally disturbed by the presence of fake drugs in the supply chain.

Is there any better anti-counterfeiting solution can be executed easily by pharmacist, patient, or cosmetic consumer than rewarding whistleblower?
There is indeed a better anti-counterfeiting solution that can be executed easily by anyone in anytime, by using NFC (Near Field Communication) smart phone to scan the chip embedded in the patented RFID anti-counterfeiting tag and the mobile app PhoneKey.
PhoneKey anti-counterfeiting RFID chip has variable authentication code technology, which will generate different authentication code which is available in seconds, and those authentication codes can be verified through internet with genuine company, according to these features, the chip is non-replicated and can be verified unlimitedly. We also add a “destruction detection circuit” on drug pot cover, pharmacist will be able to check the drug pot as if anyone has opened before, it will prevent piracy dealer to recycle used pot to fill some fake drug inside.

Moreover, especially nowadays when customer can order drugs online, the risks might happen upon patients, such as incorrect medications, and drug counterfeiting. These problems can be prohibited by absolute traceability of the drug’s packaging. With patented PhoneKey RFID anti-counterfeiting tag embedded, online pharmacy can provide remote verification for customer, who will be able to verify the drugs’ authenticity immediately via internet.


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