RFID Anti-Counterfeiting Solutions For Wines and Spirits Market

According to the Britain’s news, in the past few years, there have been a number of deaths and life-changing health problems linked to the Euro 1 billion worth of illegal alcohol now flooding Britain each year.

Young people looking for cheap alcohol left with life-changing illnesses.

Fuelled by the recession, seizures of counterfeit alcohol are up five-fold in five years. Manufactured in filthy, back-street factories, this bargain booze has been found to contain lethal chemicals including methanol, chloroform, bleach, computer screenwash, nail polish remover and anti-freeze.

What if young people can verify the alcohols’ authenticity via their ownNFC (Near Field Communication) enable smart phone?
There is a way to prevent these tragedies happen amount those young people, by using an NFC (Near Field Communication) smart phone to scan the chip embedded in the patented RFID anti-counterfeiting tag and the mobile app PhoneKey. Young people and any other consumers can easily confirm th unopened bottle anytime and anywhere.

How to prevent criminals use fake case or recycled real brand bottle?
The RFID anti-counterfeiting solution, PhoneKey, has been developed “Destruction Detection Circuit”, this circuit will detect the bottle is intact or is tampered.

What kind of incentive benefit if the brand beverage adopt PhoneKey as their anti-counterfeiting solution?
Yes, PhoneKey is not just a anti-counterfeiting solution, but also an important CIS(Corporate Identity System) marketing gadget based on internet of things concept, consumer can read the product information such as place of origin, warranty info, production date and also promotion activities.