ensures devices use genuine supplies

Ensures devices use genuine supplies

In order to make the printer to identify the genuine supplies, we needed to set up “PHONEKEY RFID decoder module” and “supply security identification system” in the printer. Checking through the security verification code which comes from the RFID decoder module by reading the “PHONEKEY RFID security tags” on supplies to confirm the authenticity of supplies.

1. Security verification code comparison

Each PHONEKEY RFID tag has four different parameters.

(1)       UID: Write-in UID immediately after RFID chips produce.

(2)       USID: Write-in parameters into UserStar tags before shipment.

(3)       Key: Manufacturer write-in tag parameters before shipment.

(4)       T: Console RFID READER send tag parameter while verifies.

※ It cannot be read by the general reader after writing USID/KEY parameters into anti-counterfeit tag.

4 parameters

Anti-counterfeit authentication code will be different, although “T” is the same.

Each PHONEKEY RFID tag has four different parameters, after algorithm generate a single valid verification code AC (automatically change, not the same every time, copy invalid), then through an RFID decoder module on the printer to verify the security verification code, enable supplies to use in the printer while the supplies’ security verification code correctly and the time is still below the UID‘s Expiration Date1(See Figure1).


1 UID‘s Expiration Date is different according to different commodities.


2. Verified by the consumer before purchasing

Consumers can use an NFC mobile phone to download and install “PHONEKEY APP” in “Google Play” before purchasing, and read the security tag on the supplies to confirm the authenticity of supplies. This verification platform (see figure below) can be used as a communication channel of consumers and manufacturers, in addition to displaying product information and web links of the company, also can return the UID and IP (internet protocol) by mobile phones, providing consumers with accurate service.


3. offline verification

When the supplies loaded in the printer, even if the printer is no network environment (offline), RFID decoding module NFC Reader will still automatically read the PHONEKEY RFID tag on supplies and verified, obtain a one-time verification code2 to identify the genuine supplies. Consumers do not have to personally operate, eliminating the need for complicated step, the printer is able to automatically recognize the authenticity of supplies to make counterfeit or sub-factory supplies cannot be used in the genuine printer.


2Copy this one-time verification code is useless, crack probability approaching to zero.

Benefits of import UserStar RFID security system

Using PHONEKEY RFID decoding module and UserStar security tags on the printer and genuine supplies has the following benefits:

1.    Convenient: Consumers do not have to personally operate to recognize the authenticity of supplies

2.    Enhance trust: Brand protection strategy worked.

3.    Using original supplies: Maintaining the company’s revenue and increase the energy of research new technologies.

4.    Extend the life of the machine: To sell more genuine supplies.

5.    Easy to integrate security system: Crackdown unscrupulous operators immediately and reduce the company loss.

6.    Anti-channel conflict: Auxiliary trace the product’s location, maintenance Distributors interests.

7.    Reduce the cost of consumer education: Simple verification operation on phone, printer automatically recognizes supplies, save promotional expenses.