Backend platform flow of UserStar anti-counterfeiting service

Backend platform flow of UserStar anti-counterfeiting service

Step1Production line of manufactory
Manufactory sticks or inlays “UserStar anti-counterfeiting RFID tag” on the products after completion of production.
Step2Decode center
Manufactory sends the “production information”, like manufacture time and location and basic information of the product, to “decode center” to make production information fit with verification information.
Step3Global service center
When the manufactory has multiple production bases and decode centers around the world, the verification message can be passed to the correct decode center through the global service center.
Step4Marketing channel
The manufactory transports the products to the marketing channels or retail stores for selling. UserStar RFID tag fit the standard of EPC GLOBAL, and then can be used in marketing channel management by manufactory.
Step5Product verification by consumer
Consumers can use their own NFC enabled mobile phone to get the “variable authentication code” from “UserStar RFID anti-counterfeiting tag” in product, and send the “variable authentication code” to global service center. And then, global service center will transfer the message to decode center to perform authenticity verification. Finally, the result of authenticity verification together with production information will be sent to consumers’ NFC enabled mobile phone.

The manufactory can put additional information or service into production information to improve the interaction with consumers.。

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