NFC Label Public Version

NFC Label Product Type

We can special design any type of anti-counterfeiting label, for example, cap seal, sticker, card, tag and waterproof button.

Following is our public version, which is made by fragile paper.

20140905RFID Tag-print


RFID Spec:ISO 15693, 13.56MHz

Material:Fragile Paper

Unpacking Detection:If the bottle cap has been unpacked, the authentication page will show the package is unpacked.

RFID Chip:UserStar 2nd generation RFID chip

Authentication Page


Compatible for Android OS NFC enable mobile phone*

* Not every NFC mobile phone can support, here are some devices which can’t support:

Evo 4G LTE

Nexus 7 (2012)

Samsung Galaxy Note III

Samsung Galaxy S3

Samsung Galaxy Light