Showcase and Cabinet

Bluetooth electronic lock for department store boutique display cabinet

Bluetooth Lock is suitable for all kinds of display cabinet doors, including single door, double door, sliding door, display stand, cupboard, cabinet or drawer.


★ Mobile phone is the key, three operation steps is so easy.
★ No need of network to unlock, no risk of hacking attacks.
★ Share key with your staffs by mobile phone with network.
★ With the guarantee card provided, you can change the device password with NFC mobile phone when forgetting the old password.
Encryption technology patent, the transmission code by Bluetooth cannot be copied and re-used.


The mobile phone must have Bluetooth 4.0+, supports Android and iOS app.

Three operation steps

1. Press the button to wake up the lock.
2. Unlock with the paired mobile phone and PHONEKEY app.
3. After closing the door, press the button for three seconds to lock
(The lock can be set to automatically locking after 6 seconds for drawer and cabinet).

Download Bluetooth Smart Lock APP
PHONEKEY Bluetooth Lock APP Manual

Display cabinet types

Showcase and Cabinet-Single Door&Drawer
Showcase and Cabinet-Double Door&Slide Door
Showcase and Cabinet-Display Showcase&Cabinet

Bluetooth lock types

For single door, double door and display showcase
For slide door
For drawer and cabinet