RFID Anti-Counterfeiting Solutions For Wines and Spirits Market

According to the Britain’s news, in the past few years, there have been a number of deaths and life-changing health problems linked to the Euro 1 billion worth of illegal alcohol now flooding Britain each year.

Young people looking for cheap alcohol left with life-changing illnesses. Continue reading “RFID Anti-Counterfeiting Solutions For Wines and Spirits Market”

RFID Anti-Counterfeiting Solutions For Counterfeit Drugs

Recently, India government unveiled the whistleblowers reward scheme for fake drugs, medical devices and cosmetics, the reward of maximum of upto 20% of the total cost of consignments seized will be payable to the informer.

The country’s hold on international pharmaceutical market, especially the status enjoyed by it in providing high quality drugs on cheapest prices invited some unhealthy competition from various quarters. Internationally, the vested interests are supplying spurious medicines manufactured by them but with Made in India label. The ministry writes in a nine-page memo.
Of course, counterfeit medicines are a global problem and the U.S. pharmaceutical industry is equally disturbed by the presence of fake drugs in the supply chain. Continue reading “RFID Anti-Counterfeiting Solutions For Counterfeit Drugs”

How to Spot Fake Handbag via NFC-enable mobile phone

UserStar love to share that how to spot a fake handbag with mobile phone. We are a established mobile phone anti-counterfeiting solution with impeccable record of efficient system integration experience for 20 years. Our anti-counterfeiting solution always follow the industry standards of wireless communication, safety and advance mobile phone technology. The problem Counterfeit products circulate around the world and erode the profits of producers and even consumers, the people who want to buy an authentic handbag, but sometimes they would be misled or confused when they face counterfeit handbags, which are located in unauthorized stores including website selling handbag all … Continue reading How to Spot Fake Handbag via NFC-enable mobile phone

How to verify your spirits is true or not? Just tap your NFC mobile phone on it!

Fortune Brewery adopt RFID seal

Fortune Brewery had awarded by Monde Selection for international high quality trophy at 2010, because we achieved a high quality level for three consecutive years (Grand Gold Award, Gold Award). We are optimistic about the mainland China market and map out local channel strategy, our products is gradually stand firm on east China, at the mean time, we are also confronting the counterfeit alcohol problem in China.

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Bicycle RFID Identification

The bicycle RFID identification will helps cyclists to register their own bike to fight theft, who will not able to sell stolen bicycle easily, and makes partner easier to find and contact original owner. The owner can take a picture of its bike and upload it to our service center to replace default image. The bicycle manufacturer can let consumer link back to their marketing resources, like facebook or twitter, and also broadcast information via the mobile phone. Continue reading Bicycle RFID Identification